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My name is Yvonne Rönnlund and I am an unusually usual girl from Finland who stumbled in to the magic world of yoga by curiosity, and there I wanted to stay. Yoga is my life and has so much to do with who I am today. Ever since the day we were born we are searching for ourselves. We start by exploring our body and motorical abilities, and move on to more advanced stuff like language, emotions, the mind and so on, and eventually we start asking the deep question, who am I?

I started searching for who I am by the age of 21 when I became an orphan. This opened up to all the deep questions in life, for example what is the meaning of life? Why does it happen so many tragical things in my life? Who am I and why do I exist? I found comfort in the litterature and read about life after death and has ever since only read and studied spirituality and personal growth. This year it is 15 years since I started looking for answers.

No wonder that something inside of me thought I should try yoga. So my first encounter with yoga was in about 10 years ago in a gym in my old primary school, arranged by the municipality. My first yoga experience was medical yoga. It fitted me very good because it was calm and quiet with a lot of pauses between the exercises. After a few years of mediyoga I wanted to try hatha yoga and continued with that for a couple of years until I realised that I wanted to become a yoga teacher. Yoga is tremendously important and I have felt it ever since I started doing yoga. I never missed a class, unless I was very sick. We are searching for happiness on the outside, but we can only find true happiness on the inside.

In 2015 I started my kundalini yoga teacher training and then yoga was really integrated in to my life. It became a daily practice since I begun the education and things really started to happen in my life. Yoga carefully remove things that is destructive in life or things that no longer serves you. I had to re-preoritize and consider what I actually want and what is important in my life. 

Earlier I was a perfectionist who constantly harassed myself because I thought that I never did anything good enough. I smoked cigarettes and preferred to numb my pain with beer on the weekends, and also eat lots of candy and junkfood.

I worked with something I did not like and was constantly in a need for validation, especially from men, due to my upbringing without male role models. This resulted in me constantly hurting my boyfriend at the time and we both felt  badly about the situation. I swept all my feeling under the rug and tried to live like everybody else. 

Now I have realized what kind of hell it is to be controlled by the perfectionist. I have accepted it and I am much kinder to myself. I am good enough no matter what. I have learned to love myself and validate myself and because of that I can love others without hurting them. It is simple mathematics, if you can't love yourself you can't love others. And yoga is a great tool if you want to love and accept yourself. I quitted smoking and I only drink occasionally. I eat vegetarian food and I want to give my body healthy food, but obviously I want to give myself a treat every once in a while. I work with what I love today and don't feel that I have to do like everybody else. 

I find the perfection in most things and I have created a life that gives me pleasure. I don't have to be anxious every sunday evening beacause I'm dreading to go to work monday morning, and I don't have to long for friday afternoon or the holidays.

I have found myself and the meaning of life. All this and much more THANKS TO YOGA & MEDITATION, and also a course in miracles. That book has truly given me all the answers to all my questions. But through yoga everything happens on its own. 

It was very easy to quit smoking and drinking and stop eating unhealthy. I never chose to become a vegetarian, it just happened. 

I have never made an effort to get these changes in my life, except sitting on my yogamat every day. That has brought the changes in to my life. To consistently doing yoga. Would you like to have some changes in your life? I can not do anything else but warmly recommend yoga & meditation.

This is my yoga story


My educations and courses

  • Reiki level 1 (2007)

  • International kundalini yoga techer training level 1 by KRI  (2015 - 2017)

  • Practical nurse (2015 - 2016)

       In progress:

  • Kundaliniyoga teacher training step 2 

  • Sat Nam Rasayan step 1

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