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yoga Class



I arrange yoga according to your requests and if you for example are interested in having yoga at work, after work or yoga before work, yoga at a bachelorette party, yoga with your society and so on. Don't hesitate, just contact me and we can book the time and place.

Price: According to the agreement.


Yoga Class - nedåtriktade hund


I teach yoga via the municipality in Malax and Vasa. You find my classes at and I teach in in swedish but please contact MI Malax or Vasa medborgarinstitut Alma if you would like them to arrange a kundaliniyoga course in english, I would love to teach in english.

Ocean Rocks


I arrange yogaretreats in Ostrobothnia together with my colleague Lina.

You can find the most updated information about our retreats on facebook or on instagram (kundaliniyogaforyou). 

Would you like us to arrange a retreat close to you? Contact me and we will fix it!



Would you like private guidance and get the kriyas and meditations custom-made for you and your personal needs? You get the possibility to discuss your problems and imbalances to get help to find just the right positions, breathing techniques, mantras and meditations that can give you more well-being in your body, mind and soul. You get all the support you need to begin or continue your journey into the depth of yourself. Private yoga classes are also possible online.

Price: 60€/90min.



Yogic healing massage is a different form of body massage which has an affect on energy channels, energy centers, glandular system, lymphatic system, different inner organs, muscles and joints. It is a pleasant and deep-acting massage for the body as well as the mind and includes several massage techniques. The receiver has their clothes on and lies both on the back and on the stomach during the treatment. You are welcome to book your treatment at my place or yours, whatever suits you best. 


Price: 1 h massage: 50 €

reiki Behandling
Buddha staty

Reiki stand for universal life energy and is a form of healing which works with the bodys own natural healingprocesses and gives deep relaxation to the receiver. Studies that have been made on reiki shows that the treatment reduces pain and stress and also increases general well-beeing. Everybody can receive reiki. The receiver has their clothes on and the reiki healer put their hands on different parts of the body, both frontside and backside. 
You are welcome to book your treatment at my place or yours, whatever suits you best. 

Price: 1 h reiki: 40 €



The ancient healing technique in kundaliniyoga is called Sat Nam Rasayan which means deep devine relaxation. The technique is about divine presence which means the practitioner fall into a deep meditative state, where the receiver can deeply relax and self healing can occur. Sat Nam Rasayan  takes care of physical, psychologigal, emotional and spiritual imbalances. You are welcome to try this at a very beneficial price now when I have my training period.

Price: 8€/session


I offer alternative and holistic services but none of them replace medical care. I have basic education in health care (practical nurse) but the methods I am using is not supported by traditional medicine. Always consult a doctor when you are ill. I believe there is a cure for every imbalance, we just have to find the right method for every unique person. Nothing works for everybody but everybody have the chance to find their workable method. I will gladly help you to find what suits you best. But I don't believe in any quick fix. The way to good and lasting health goes through consious choises and the will to do the very best for oneself and be consistent with one's choises. Very few people get well over night, it usually requires a lot of work to truly be healthy and prosperous. 

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