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Be your own guru

We prefer to ask someone else’s opinion and have their approval. We want to follow other people’s advice and recommendations. We look for the answers here and there. Ask a medium, ask google, ask the doctor, ask anybody who offers something that seems to makes sense. But who is sane and what makes sense in a world that is seemingly insane?

Who has all the answers? I just want an answer, is that too much to ask for?

Mankind has always been curious and asked questions and searched for answers.

But when it comes to your life, you are the ultimate guru. There is nobody that understands you and your life better than you. It may not always seem so, but that is because you have lost connection with yourself. Nowadays many people have lost connection with their inner self and that is a big reason why they feel bad.

The one you are searching for is yourself. Because when you find yourself and meet yourself you will find all the answers.

And one may ask what it means to find oneself.

Many people avoid it to every cost, some even choose death instead of meeting themselves. Because meeting yourself and truly looking at yourself can cause a lot of pain.

The most common way to avoid yourself and your pain is to numb yourself with some kind of addiction, and there is a lot of addictions to choose from today. Everybody is addicted to something. Choose an addiction that elevates you and develop the most kind and loving version of yourself.

My recommendation is of course yoga and meditation. I don’t suggest that you should use yoga in a destructive way or meditate until you pass out, but rather choose to do something that elevates you every single day. Just like a smoker smokes x amounts of cigarettes every day, you can invest in x amounts of minutes that you use to find yourself and get to know yourself every day. Do something that brings you closer to your soul every day. Show yourself that you are important. Show yourself love every day. It can be anything between 3 minutes to 3 hours. Do something to get to know yourself and to elevate yourself every day. The most important person in your life is you. Become your own guru, find your own answers.

A guru is someone who leads from darkness to light. You have that guru inside you, everybody have a guru inside them. You just need to dare to greet and welcome your inner guru. Dare to listen to that silent little voice on the inside who knows what is best for you, even if the brain thinks it is the most stupid idea.

To be a guru means that you want to bring yourself from an unconscious state of mind to a conscious state of mind. To move from darkness to light. Gu means darkness and Ru means remover of darkness, that is to say light. And as you do so, you inevitably take your closest with you on your journey towards the light. You actually impact the whole world. You impact others more than you know.

You have all the possibility to change the world, and you do that by being your own guru, by meeting yourself. Because true change comes from within. No one can change the world or the outside to their favor, it is what it is, and the more you fight against everything that happens on the outside, the worse you will feel. Change yourself instead, change inside and the outside will change automatically.

Would you like to become your own guru just like me and at the same time make the world a more loving place? Then take on the tremendously important task of getting to know yourself. And that means to get to know all sides of you, both good and bad. Dig deep inside of you an find your deepest scars and heal them. That makes you a true hero.

Or you don’t and just keep blaming everything on circumstances and other people. Either way is perfect. But if you search for true joy, love and inner peace, search for yourself. If you want to remain in the drama of the ego and always having something bothering you, be my guest. The beauty of it is that we are all free to choose. We have the freedom to choose if we want to feel good or bad. Do you choose that your pain is most imortant or do you choose that love and peace is most important? Everything you think is terrible, bad, unfair and so on is a result of your unprocessed wounds and your inability to accept that you are the same as the thing bothering you. It also has to do with karma, that is cause and effect, and resistance against the reality. Most people use pain to advance spiritually. The pain act as a spiritual teacher and make you more emphatic, you grow and get a wider view of life. Without pain you can not feel happiness, and both need to exist. And the pain wants to show you the way to yourself. You may think that it is unfair to say so, but you have the responsibility for your own happiness, no one else. Because everything that bothers you on the outside is just a reflection of what’s bothering you on the inside, things you are denying and don’t want to see in yourself. You can avoid a lot of unnecessary irritation and depression if you work with yourself and your thoughts.

You don’t have to be a victim of the endless flow of thoughts that are intruding most of the time.

You can take control of yourself and your thoughts, or more correctly how you react to your own thoughts and therewith have control over yourself. You should control you, your thoughts should not control you. But you have to choose to take control. And you have to choose to find yourself.

To find yourself means that you spend time with yourself and get to know yourself on a deeper level. It means that you completely accept who you are and like who you are, and that does not happen overnight. You may already think that you love and accept yourself, and perhaps you do. You just need to look if there is something bothering you in your life, is there someone you can not accept, is there something you can not stand? If you can find that, it's a while yet before you can truly love and accept yourself. Your fellow humans are a mirror of what you need to work on with yourself. Because it is only when no one or nothing disturbs your inner peace that you truly can say you love and accept everything about you. Finding yourself aslo means being consistant. Many people give up as soon as it feels difficult.

It’s only the most courageous people who dare to meet themselves, and continuously choose to explore themselves. Are you one of them?

Different ways to connect to yourself:

1. Yoga & meditation

2. Qigong & tai chi and similar activities

3. Just sit and study yourself and your thougts

4. Be in nature

5. Do something you love

6. Confront your fears

7. Do The Work or study a course in miracles

8. Write a list of your deepest dreams

9. Question yourself and everything you have learned so far

10. Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself

Got suggestions on how to get to know yourself better? Please share.

Have you got 5 minutes to associate with yourself everyday? Please do something from the list above or meditate with me for 5 minutes every day. To meditate everyday creates a holy space for you and gives you character.

Choose preferably the same time every day so that you create a habit. For example before you get out of bed in the morning or before you go to bed in the evening. Choose the best time for you. It doesn’t have to be dead silent when you meditate, even though it can be pleasant. But if family members or pets is noisy all the time just meditate anyway. It can be better if they are allowed to join you instead of you trying to lock yourself in the bathroom or other room. Chances are that they will keep knocking on the door wanting to know what you are doing and you will not have one second of silence. Maybe they also want to try meditation now when you are doing it. It may become a fun family activity.

Do you have questions? Please contact me, I’m glad to answer all your questions.

Sit on a chair or on the sofa with your feet on the floor and keep your spine straight, or sit on your yoga mat with a pillow under your buttocks. Don't get sad if it fells like you did not "succeed." Regardless of what you think the meditation will have an effect on you.


(Watch the video on facebook to get rid of the black square, don't know how to remove it. If you do, please tell me how to get rid of it.)

Try this meditation for one month and see how you feel. Please contact me and share your experiences. I upload a new meditation next month. I'm wishing you love and miracles!

Sat Nam!

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