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Hello divinely wonderful fellow human!

Uppdaterat: 3 mars 2019

Who are you? Who am I? We are all different. We all have our unique expressions and needs. Unfortunately we are often expected to do and be as everybody else. It is difficult to be happy if we are like everybody else. Everyone of us have a special assignment here on earth, and we can all contribute to a better world. I think most of us know that by now, we just don't know how or what to do. Because we don't know ourselves. We don't spend time with ourselves. Most people are totally disconnected from themselves nowadays and this is causing a state of poor health, it's causing anxiety and frustration, it's causing depression, separation, judging and so on.

I feel a deep desire to inspire you to connect with yourself, to get to know yourself, to love and accept yorself, to simply be you. Dare to be you, dare to indulge yourself, dare to believe in yourself. The most important thing you can do in your lifetime is to get to know, love and accept yourself. Because you are important and precious. And when you can love yourself, you can love everybody else. Eliminate every old wound and accept yourself. All kind of oppression, hate, war and everything that in some way can hurt another life form originates from the war and the hate people carry with them on the inside and which they choose to do nothing about. Instead they find things and people on the outside to fight and hate. Choose to heal your inner chaos. Let the inside become more interesting then the outside, and magic will appear in your life.

Who am I? I am yogaDONNA, a kundalini yoga teacher and a swedish speaking finn who has a burning desire to share the yoga technology with anybody who is interested. Yoga has totally changed my life to the better and therefore I would like to spread these techniques so it may change other peoples lives too. I have been practicing yoga for approximately 10 years and I started with mediyoga, then moved on to hatha yoga and landed in kundali yoga where I feel at home and became a teacher. I constantly want to explore myself and wish to inspire others on my journey towards my inner, true self.

As a yoga teacher you are often expected to look in a certain way. Just imagine a yoga teacher and most people will see a person without makeup wearing harem pants sitting in lotus position or some other even more complicated position, saying something weird and being so flexible that most people consider it to be prohibitive.

When I started my yoga teacher training it was quite a big problem for me when I couldn’t accept myself without makeup. There I sat with all those natural people without makeup and felt like an outsider. But I thought that yoga was going to help me accept myself totally without makeup and soon I’m also going to be happy being all natural.

When that did not occur during the two years of yoga teacher training, it felt like I have missed something. Still I feel ugly without makeup. What a hypocrite yoga teacher I am when I can’t accept myself without applying mascara before I walk out the door. And it wasn’t exactly helpful that the yoga literature disapproved makeup, or at least consider it to be unnecessary.

Until one day, I realised that all I have to do is to accept that I just like wearing makeup and I’m just as good as anybody else teaching yoga, with or without makeup.

Maybe even a little bit better, because I do what I love even if I don’t fit in the stereotypical role as a yogini. If I had washed away my makeup and tried to persuade myself that I like myself just as much all natural, and tried to be like all the others, then I would have been a hypocrite. If anything, that would have been the same as lying to myself.

I accept that I think that everybody looks better with makeup, even guys. That’s not more odd than me thinking purple or pink is the prettiest colours. Today I’m proud to be a yogini who likes makeup, clothes and shopping. But for several years I felt ashamed about it. I just wanted to be natural like everybody else.

Maybe one day in the future I prefer to be without makeup, but now is now and we should always start from there. I want to turn the thing that has been difficult for me to something constructive instead. That is why I am here, because I want to inspire those who have a dream but feel that they don’t really fit in. Dig up the thing you are most embarrassed of, look at it, accept it and polish it to a diamond that you can be proud of.

I want to help you if you feel that life is a constant struggle and you wish to make a change in your life. If I can brighten just one persons day then I’m happy. And I want to do that by sharing simple techniques, yoga, meditations, encouraging posts, videos and pictures.

I want to help you to see the Goddess/God in you and inspire you to find your true nature, your inner essence, the one you are beyond all labels. You are warmly welcome to ask questions and write to me if you like. Or if you just need someone to be there for you, I’ll be there.

Follow me on my journey to a more loving and united world. It’s going to be magical!

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